no complaints

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen the devastating impact of not one, but two, category 5 hurricanes with Harvey and Irma, we’ve watched more political and social division and human tragedy with news of DACA and the earthquake in Mexico, we’ve marked another 9/11 anniversary, the northwest is on fire, and then (then) there’s North Korea.

So when someone asks me how the house project is going, I think – no complaints. Because really, how can I?

Here are some of my non-complaints over the past few weeks. There might be a whole post dedicated to complaints in the future. But not now. Not yet.

As our architect Debra McQueen said, “the house is emerging.” In a week we went from dirt floor to first floor framing. (Hover over each image for a description.)

After another week we now have a full cement basement complete with outdoor stairs, a fully framed first floor with second floor trusses, and a new structural beam to ensure our house doesn’t fall down. We’ve also lost our kitchen, our basement stairs and our foyer floor. Trade offs.

Side note: the small cracks I’d seen growing in my office over the past three years weren’t just the house settling. Apparently an existing beam in the kitchen ceiling wasn’t really doing its job anymore. After 100+ years, it was time to retire it and bring in a modern beam (in blue) that also can be pushed up higher and give us more ceiling height. See, even surprises (and more expense) can’t be complaints. More ceiling height = 🙂


There are inconveniences. Temporary annoyances. Hassles. Anyone who has been by our house can see that things are not normal. That’s putting it mildly.

But we have a house. We have water. We have electricity (sometimes…and only when the refrigerator and microwave aren’t running at the same time). We have food before us and love between us. So, no complaints here.

And soon, we will have more house to fill with family, friends and love. Something the world needs more of.