(CAUTION: I’m a first-timer. A newb. A novice. I have never done this before. Not the blog and definitely not the house remodel. But, there’s a first time for everything. Let’s just hope I have a good dose of beginner’s luck.)

This is a story about a house remodel. We hope it will be a very very (very) fine house when all is said and done. (Time will tell!) Built in 1909, this isn’t the first time this house has been remodeled, but it might be the most extensive. What started as a adding a first floor bathroom turned into a 1200 square foot addition. (Talk about scope creep!)


By day I lead a digital marketing team, but the rest of the time you might find me here. Home with my husband Dan, two pretty awesome kids (boys age 14 and 9) and one sweet yellow lab, Rocky. Entertaining friends and cooking are top on our hobby list, so we’re excited to create version 2.0 of our very very fine house.

Along the way I hope to share the how a first timer makes it through a project like this. An addition and remodel that will take away our kitchen for months, access to our backyard (poor Rocky dog will miss that), and generally make life pretty messy, noisy and costly. But, we signed up for it, so be careful what you wish for. Follow along and see just how well our family of four (+ one dog) manage through the trials and tribulations of life under construction.

If you like what you see or have questions or advice, I’d love to hear from you. This newbie needs all the help she can get!

Thanks for stopping by. Here we go…